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Terms & Conditions

1. 1. Terms used in the Conditions:

The Return Policy – Consumer's right during a specific time period to unilaterally withdraw the contract (to cancel the purchasing order), with no obligation to pay cancellation penalty, intress or damages. The Returm Policy as well as its conditions and time period during which the Return Policy can be effected are set forth by the Consumer Rights Protection Act and Rules of Remote Agreement according to the Resolution of the Cabinet Council № 207 of May 28th 2002 (hereinafter Rules of Remote Agreement).
Prices – prices for the corresponding products in the e-shop charged by the Seller.
Internet-shop – the e-shop supported by the Seller, located at the internet-address, and allowing to purchase the products offered by the Seller online;
Order payment date – the day when the sum specified in the corresponding invoice was fully transferred to the Seller's bank account.
Consumer – private person, who expresses a wish to purchase, purcases or could have purchased or used the product or service for the purposes unrelated to his/her professional or entrepreneurial activities.
Seller – Limited Liability Company "GLOBAL LUX", unique registration number 40203048800, legal address: 6 Zemitana str., Riga, LV-1012;
Buyer – the person making a purchasing order in the internet-shop. The Buyer can be a consumer as well as person other than Consumer;
Shopping cart – the products chosen by the Buyer in the Internet-shop;
Parties – the Buyer and the Seller

2. Applicability

2.1.The present Conditions set forth the legal relations between the Buyer and the Seller.

2.2.Apart from the present Conditions, the legal relations between the Parties are regulated by the Civil Code, the Commercial Code, the Consumer Rights Protection Act as well as other legal acts of the Latvian Republic.

2.3.Legal relations arising between the Seller and the Buyer who is not a Consumer, are not regulated by the terms of Consumer Rights Protection Act and the other legal acts regulating the right of a Consumer.

2.4.The order Confirmation listing the specific products and their Prices is considered to be a clause of the contract concluded between the Parties.

2.5.The Seller has the right to introduce changes and additions to the present Conditions. The changes become operational upon their publication on the web site, and such changes affect the product purchasing orders made after the changes have been published.



3. Product descriptions and Prices

3.1.Product description and specification as well as Price are indicated on the corresponting product card in the e-shop. If necessary, an additional information about the product can be obtained by contacting the Seller's Client Support Line by phone +371 29204146 or by e-mail

3.2.Product Prices are valid provided the payment is made in due time specified in sect. 5.3. of the present Conditions.

3.3.The product Prices include all the taxes. Delivery fee is included in the product Price.

3.4.Product range and prices can change with no prior notification. Changes become operational upon their publication on web site, and such prices apply to product purchasing orders made after the changes were published.


 4. Shopping cart and making an order


4.1. The Shopping Cart is created the moment the Buyer chooses the corresponding product using the "Add to cart" button.

4.2. After all the desired products are added to the Shopping Cart, please use the "Shopping Cart" button in the upper right corner of the web page.

4.3. To continue the ordering process please click the "Checkout" button.

4.4. Registered users can access the system using "My Account" section by entering their e-mail address and password used for registration in the e-shop. Non-registered user will have to select the "Registration" section and enter the necessary information or make a purchase without registering.

4.5. When making an order, enter the delivery address or choose the option „Receiving at the shop balticlux office”.

4.6. In the "Payment options" section you should choose the suitable payment option.

4.7. The purchasing order is considered to be complete and binding for the Parties the moment the Seller has received the purchasing order from the Buyer and has sent the order confirmation to the Buyer via e-mail or using other ways of communication.

4.8. Buyer receives the merchandise only after the purchasing order has been payed for in full. The Buyer has no right to receive the merchandise prior to making a full payment.


5. Payment conditions


5.1. The payment may be executed using the following means:

-  using VISA, MASTERCARD  payment cards when paying in the e-shop Shop

-  by bank transfer, in accordance with the details listed on the website. In this case the Buyer has to enter the Order number in the Payment reference.

-  using the Gift Card.           

5.2. Should the purchasing order be not payed for during 6 (six) business days after being sent to the Buyer, both the purchasing order and invoice will be cancelled.


6. Delivery terms and payment


6.1. The purchased products are delivered for a fee, which is not included in the product price. The information about the product delivery as well as product delivery fee is provided in the Delivery.

6.2. Products are delivered all across the Latvian Republic, as well as in the Baltic States: Lithuania and Estonia.

6.3. The delivery method can be chosen under "Delivery method" section when making a purchasing order.

6.4. Products are delivered only after the purchasing order has been payed for in full, and the sum specified in the corresponding invoice was fully transferred to the Seller's bank account.

6.5. If the Buyer did not choose to pick up the merchandise at the Seller's selling point, the delivery is executed by the courier. Products are delivered at the Buyer's address specified in the purchasing order.

6.6. Delivery to the Baltic countries – 1 to 3 days from your payment date.

6.7. The Parties agree upon the product delivery time by phone, when the Seller or the product vendor (courier) calls the number specified in the purchasing order. The Buyer can ask additional questions concerning the Delivery by calling the Seller's phone numbers, specified on the e-shop web site.

6.8. After the merchandise has been handed over to the courier, the latter may contact the Buyer in order to ascertain the delivery information.

6.9. The Buyer has the right to pick up the ordered merchandise which has been paid for at the Seller's selling point at 6 Zemitana str., Riga, Zemitana center. The merchandise can be received only after the purchasing order has been payed for in full, and the sum specified in the corresponding invoice was fully transferred to the Seller's bank account , ог directly  at the Seller's selling point by Visa/Master card. Before picking up the merchandise at the Seller's selling point it is recommended to contact the Seller and make sure the payment has been transferred.

6.10. In order to ensure the maximum delivery speed it is imperative to submit the full and correct shipping information (door code, floor number, exact entrance into the building if there are many etc.). The Seller is not responsible for the delivery delays, should they be caused as a result of incomplete or inaccurate information submitted.

6.11. The merchandise is delivered along with the consignment note / invoice.

6.12. Before receiving the merchandise the Buyer needs to present a valid document of identification (personal ID or passport) or the driver's license.

6.13. Before receiving the merchandise and signing the invoice the Buyer needs to check the product packaging.

6.14. Should the product or its packaging be damaged, the corresponding record needs to be made in the consignment note / invoice and the notification needs to be given to the Seller via e-mail or by phone +371 29204146.



7. Return Policy and product return to the Seller


7.1. The Consumer is entitled to take advantage of the Return Policy. The Return Policy can be used in 14 (fourteen) calendar day period starting from the day the Consumer has received the merchandise or its part.

7.2. The Return Policy can be used by providing the written notification  to the Seller with specified purchasing order number, product list, order sum, Consumer's full name, personal code, address, phone number and bank details where the money is to be returned. The return form sent in due period cancels the contract and releases the Consumer of any contractual obligations, apart from the expenses relating to the product return to the Seller.

7.3. The Consumer is responsible for returning the merchandise to the Seller (in case the merchandise has been received) in 7 (seven) day period after the written notification has been sent. The Seller is responsible to return the Consumer immediately, but not later than 30 (thirty) day period from the date of receiving the written notification from the Consumer, the sum paid for the order before the order was cancelled. The Seller reserves the right not to return the Consumer the sum paid for the purchase until the latter returns the merchandise or provides the documents confirming the return or dispatch thereof.

7.4. The returned merchandise needs to be delivered to the Seller's selling point at  6 Zemitana  str., Riga, Zemitana center.

7.5. The Consumer is responsible for the quality of the merchandise as well as its security during the Return Policy implementation period.  By taking advantage of the Return Policy, the Consumer is responsible for diminishing the product value if the product was used in a way inconsistent with the careful handling principle, which includes using the product for the purposes other than determining the product characteristics or product operation.

7.6. The returning product must be fully complete.

7.7. The Consumer cannot use the Return Policy in cases provided for by Sect. 15 of the Rules of Remote Agreement, including the following:

7.7.1. The product price depends upon the financial market fluctuations beyond the Seller's control;

7.7.2. The products are manufactured according to the Consumer's specifications or the products are inseparable items, or the products cannot be returned due to their characteristics (for instance, body care or hygienical products), or the products are perishable or the products are fast moving consumer goods;



8. Warranty and Consumer's claims in relation to the product not meeting the requirements


8.1. All the products offered in e-shop are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. The warranty period and other provisions are indicated in the warranty certificate included with the product. The warranty does not affect the Consumer's rights deriving from the legislative acts.

8.2. Regardless of the manufacturer's warranty the Consumer, as provided by the conditions of Consumer Rights Protection Act and in accordance with other legislative acts, has the right to file a claim to the manufacturer or the Seller concerning the product not meeting the contractual requirements in 2 (two) year time from the date of purchase. The date of purchase is the day the manufacturer of the Seller has handed over and the Consumer has received the corresponding product. The procedure for sumbitting and examining the Consumer's claim in relation to the product not meeting the contractual requirements as well as arranging the product examination is set forth by the Resolution of the Cabinet Council № 631 of August 1st 2006 The rules for submitting and examining the consumer's claim in relation to the product or service not meeting the contractual requirements.

8.3. When filing a claim to the manufacturer or the Seller concerning the product not meeting the contractual requirements, the Consumer needs to provide the copy of the document confirming the purchase along with the claim.


9. Other provisions


9.1. The remote contract concluded between the Buyer and the Seller becomes operational when the Seller receives the purchasing order made by the Buyer and sends the order confirmation to the Buyer via e-mail or using other ways of communication. The contract is valid until its completion (payment and receipt of merchandise), or until the occurrence of conditions provided for by Sect. 5.3. of the present Conditions.

9.2. Parties are mutually liable for damages inflicted upon the other Party.

9.3. Information on handling and protecting the information submitted by the Buyer is provided in Privacy Policy section.

9.4. The legal relations between the Parties are regulated by the legislative acts of the Latvian Republic. The disputes between the Parties are solved by negotiations. Should the Parties be unable to reach a consensus, the dispute is to be solved by the courts of Latvian Republic. The Consumer has the right to appeal to the Consumer Right Protection Center.


10. Disclaimer


10.1. The product range and prices may change with no prior notification. Producers may change the product specifications without notifying the Seller first. The product descriptions contain information provided by the product manufacturer.

10.2. The Seller kindly asks the Buyer to report any discrepancies in product descriptions or images via e-mail

10.3. All the images and product descriptions are published for the purpose of getting a full and complete overview of the products. If necessary, the product information and specifications can be additionally ascertained before the purchase by calling the Seller's client support line: +371 29204146 or by sending an e-mail at